Six Reasons Why Americans Use Professional Carpet Cleaners

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14 Oct Six Reasons Why Americans Use Professional Carpet Cleaners

Professional carpet cleaning is a luxury, right? A privilege of the chosen few? Wrong. The fact is, carpet cleaning is an efficient and affordable service geared toward properties of all shapes and sizes. It does a lot more than just brighten up the appearance carpets, too—although that is one of the main benefits. 

If you’re wondering whether professional carpet cleaning might be a good choice for you, consider these six common reasons why American homeowners and business owners call in the professionals to get the job done right. 

1. Children are afoot

Children are full of love and joy, and parents are no doubt lucky to have them around. They do, however, tend to make a mess now and then. Their adventures often result in stains, spills and tracks on carpets throughout the home. Over time, this wear and tear can add up to a shabby, scruffy appearance. The more children you have on your carpet, the greater the chances that you’ll need professional carpet cleaning to erase the damage and start fresh.

2. Pets are prowling

Even if you don’t have children, you might have pets. These lovable companions are infamous for wreaking havoc on carpets and making no apologies. They leave tracks, shed hair, drool in their sleep, and sometimes have accidents. A professional, deep cleaning might be just what you need to make sure the damage doesn’t get out of hand. 

3. Your carpets are full of history

Often times when there’s a nasty spill or other event that leaves a last mark on the carpet, people cover it up or simply live with it. Over time, the carpet becomes a written history of various accidents that have occurred. What many people don’t realize is that professional carpet cleaning can often remove stains that have been around a long time, and have resisted DIY cleaning efforts. This is because of the industrial-strength technology they use, and the experience they have in using it. 

4. Something big is on the horizon

Maybe it’s a wedding, a family reunion, or a graduation open house. If you truly want to make an impression as host, professional carpet cleaning can give you that edge. Bringing in the pros one or two days before your event will have your carpets looking bright, fresh, and virtually brand new for your guests—and you’ll feel that much more confident. 

5. It’s been awhile

Some carpets actually have warranties that require professional cleaning at least once every year. Even if this doesn’t apply to you, it’s easy to forget about your carpets in the course of your busy life. But a few hours and a modest fee is all it takes to make a big difference. It’s generally recommended to have your carpets cleaned at least annually, with supplemental cleanings when necessary.

6. Your house has a lingering odor

Carpets are not only a padding and an aesthetic design choice—they also act as air filters, trapping dust and hair and various other particles. Over time, this residue can build up to a significant level. Cooking odors, tobacco smoke, incense, and other such agents can become trapped in your carpets and contribute to lingering, unpleasant odors in your home. Professional cleaning restores your carpet’s filtering ability and eliminates built-up odors, leading to a fresher home environment. 

The list goes on

There are a number of other reasons why carpet cleaning is a valuable (even essential) service for today’s homeowner. But the six reasons listed above are among the most common. So ask yourself—how many reasons do you have? Most reputable carpet cleaning companies will be happy to give you free estimates, so that you can decide whether the service is something you can fit into your budget. If you’re like the vast majority of American homeowners, you aren’t likely to regret it!

Thanks for reading. We hope you’ve found this information useful, and look forward to your comments in the area below.

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