Carpet Cleaning

There’s nothing quite like a carpet that’s been freshly-cleaned by technicians from Always Immaculate. Each member of our team is highly-trained and professionally certified, using only the best methods that give your carpets that brand new look, feel and smell.

A Little Known Fact

Part of a carpet’s purpose is to work as a filter. It holds onto dirt, dust and lint, preventing it from floating around in the air. Over time, if not properly cleaned, the carpet will be clogged with particles and unable to work effectively as a filter. These can trigger allergies, lower air quality, and create unpleasant odors.

How We Do It

With Always Immaculate, cleaning carpets is a meticulous process that begins with carefully vacuuming the entire area to be cleaned. Our team vacuums the center of the room in two directions, followed by careful attention to the edges of the room. When this has been done, we choose a preparatory solution depending on the type of carpet. After applying the solution, a counter-rotating brush is used to work pre-spay into carpet fiber. The pile is lifted during this process also, which releases the dirt stored in its depths. The result of this detailed technique is a carpet that suddenly looks, feels and smells like new. Always Immaculate takes pride in going above and beyond the average carpet cleaning service!

Hot Water Extraction

Our mechanized hot water system works deeply into the carpet’s fibers. It extracts and removes all the dust, dirt and lint that has built up over time. If your carpets have bad odors or stains, our rate of success using the hot water extraction method is the highest in the business!


This low moisture cleaning method doesn’t use as much liquid or moisture. It works well for places that need to be dry immediately after cleaning, or for areas of carpet that are being cleaned and maintained regularly.

We specialize in: Carpets for both home & office, carpets with either natural or synthetic fibers, oriental and Tibetan rugs and wool carpets!

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