Stripping & Waxing

Are your floors looking dull and drab? Maybe the linoleum or tile has never been waxed; or maybe it was waxed at some point, but the appearance is now grimy and yellowish. Either way, our experts will carefully strip any old layers of wax. Next, they’ll apply both a sealer and at least three coats of wax. The result? Floors with a renewed, beautiful shine.

Waxing & Buffing

Tired of your wood floors looking old and dull? There’s no reason to put up with dull, lackluster wood floors. Let our skilled technicians breathe new life into your wood floors with our paste wax and buffing procedure.
Allow us to improve the overall quality of your wood floors for years to come with wax buffing procedure.

Floor Services

Maintaining the floors in your home can be a time consuming task. If you want your home to look beautiful but don’t have the means to give your floors a professional cleaning, take advantage of Always Immaculate’s professional floor services! Whether your home uses solid hardwood, laminate, or bamboo floors, our trained professionals have cleaned it before, and now offer their expertise to you and your household.

Make your home immaculate

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