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While wall-to-wall carpeting has long been a popular choice, many homeowners are opting for hardwood, laminate or tile flooring and accenting it with unique area rugs. An area rug can be the focal point of the room, almost like artwork, adding color and warmth to the ambiance. However, unlike the artwork that hangs on your walls, area rugs are subject to the same foot traffic, spills, dirt and debris as wall-to-wall carpets. Over time, this can cause dirt and household odors to become trapped, making the rug look dull and giving it an unpleasant smell. Professional area rug cleaning is the best solution to eliminate dirt and oders.

Knowledge and Experience

Many area rugs are handmade of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and silk and require special care when being cleaned. At Always Immaculate, we have the knowledge and expertise to clean your area rugs properly. We will examine the rug to determine what it is made of and the best way to clean it, restoring its original beauty. Then we will carefully roll it up and take the rug back to our warehouse to be professionally cleaned. While some area rugs made with synthetic fibers such as polyester or olefin can be cleaned in your home, in most cases area rug cleaning is done at our warehouse.

How We Do It

Once our team delivers your area rug to our warehouse, the cleaning process begins. We start by dusting the rug. The rug is laid across a grate and carefully dusted on both sides to dislodge any deeply embedded dirt and debris. It’s then vacuumed thoroughly to remove any remaining loose dust and dirt particles.


At this point, the rug will be accessed to determine the best cleaning method to restore its original beauty. If the rug is extremely dirty it will be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning solution to thoroughly cleanse the rug of dirt, debris, and odors. If the rug is only in need of routine cleaning, depending on what it is made of, it may instead be deep cleaned using our hot water extraction method.


When the cleaning is completed, the rug is hung in a temperature-controlled area until it is thoroughly dry. The rug is then deodorized and finally, it is carefully rolled and wrapped to be returned to your home. When we deliver your freshly cleaned area rug, we will return it to its original location. 

Handled With Care

At Always Immaculate, we understand that Oriental, Tibetian, wool and other fine handmade, natural fiber area rugs are valuable. We will remove them from your home, clean them thoroughly and return them all while handling them with the utmost care. Our methods will provide you with the best cleaning available while preserving both the beauty and integrity of your area rug. Each member of the Always Immaculate team is highly-trained and professionally certified, using only the best methods to give your area rug that brand new look, feel and smell.

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