Professional Residential Cleaners – Why Clean in the Spring?

Professional Residential Cleaners - Why Clean in the Spring?

09 Mar Professional Residential Cleaners – Why Clean in the Spring?

Spring is around the corner, which means it’s just about time to book your annual scouring with professional residential cleaners. Spring cleaning is referred to so often that we’ve come to just accept it as a fact of life. However, did you know it’s actually quite an old tradition with several possible cultural and historical origins? Spring cleaning is actually very significant and thus is probably better off left to your chosen professional residential cleaners.

Cultural Spring Cleaning

The tradition of spring cleaning as we know it today may actually be traced back to three distinct cultures. In Jewish tradition, the period of Passover serves to commemorate their exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. During Passover, Jewish houses would be ritually cleansed of any remnants of leavened bread, including the utensils used to make it. Historians believed that they would scour their homes during this time as a method of purification.

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It’s also important to note that the calendar year system that we currently recognize was and is not universal. The springtime is also home to the coming of a new year in both Chinese and Iranian tradition. Both of these cultures welcome the start of a new year by cleansing their homes, with special emphasis made to get rid of any unused or unnecessary items. It makes sense, as spring is a time of renewal and rebirth.

Historical Significance

To find other origins of spring cleaning, we need only look to our own recent history. It was not so very long ago that household heating systems did not exist in their current forms. If a house did have a stove, it heated only one room. When the winter hit, people would shut their doors tight against the chill, and burn coal, oil, or wood to fight the chill. The culmination of months worth of fire-burning would leave a residue of smoke and ash inside our homes. While the hermetic seal of our homes may have stopped the cold from seeping in, it also stopped the air from properly ventilating. This can lead to the easy development and spread of germs and bacteria.

With the coming of spring and the first inkling of warm weather, we’re provided an opportunity to break that seal. Windows and doors open, allowing the air to cycle. Drapes are pulled free, allowing the natural light of the sun to fill our rooms. We clean out the dust and debris that have festered all winter long so that our homes are as light and fresh as the crisp spring air outside.

Hire Professional Residential Cleaners

Even though we now live in modern times, it’s still wise to make the investment into hiring professional residential cleaners. You want your spring cleaning to be thorough, and professionals are equipped with the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. No need to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing every last bit of your carpet. By hiring professional residential cleaners, you can use that extra time for more important spring cleaning tasks, like cleaning out the garage or purging your home of needless clutter.


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Thoroughly cleaning your home in the spring is also important for eradicating lingering germs and bacteria. These unwanted invaders can cling to surfaces, as well as the fibers in carpets, blankets, table cloths, and drapes. If left to fester, the warm weather offers the potential for these germs to thrive and spread. Having your home professionally cleaned for spring, which is typically the end of cold and flu season, will ensure you can truly start the season fresh.

If you’re looking for professional residential cleaners that will go the extra mile for your spring cleaning project, Always Immaculate is at your service! With decades of experience, we can ensure that your home is in expert hands. We offer a free on-site consultation so that you can personally see and speak with a knowledgeable member of our team about your needs. We offer a variety of cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. Contact us today to schedule your spring cleaning!

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