Professional Power Washing Services – Why it’s not a DIY Project

Professional Power Washing Services - Why it’s not a DIY Project

13 Jun Professional Power Washing Services – Why it’s not a DIY Project

Keeping the exterior of your home looking its best can be expensive, so it’s understandable that many homeowners try to do much of the exterior maintenance themselves. While some of these tasks may be easy enough for the homeowner to handle, others are best left to the professionals. Power washing your home’s exterior is one of those tasks. Yes, you can buy a power washer at any home improvement store and the task itself may seem simple enough. However, if used improperly, a power washer can cause damage to your home and even result in personal injury. There are a number of reasons professional power washing services are a better choice than DIY power washing.

The Hazards of DIY Power Washing

The machine is called a power washer for a reason. The force with which this machine sprays water is an extremely powerful machine and could be dangerous in inexperienced hands.

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Surface Damage

Used properly, the power washer is a very effective cleaning tool. It can also cause damage when operated by an inexperienced homeowner. Because of the force of the spray it delivers, washing too close can permanently damage areas being cleaned. Wood and mortar can be damaged and paint could be chipped away. This can be especially problematic if you have an older home with lead-based paint. Power washing lead-based paint can release it into the soil and cause damage to the environment. Also, if the hose is not held at the correct angle, the spray can get underneath your home’s siding which can damage insulation and wiring.

Windows and Shingles

Extra care should be taken when power washing around windows and on shingles. Windows, especially older ones, may not hold up under the pressure of power washing. Some shingles, depending on the type of material, can be damaged as well.  A professional will be able to evaluate these areas of your home to determine if power washing is an appropriate cleaning method.


Personal Injury

Homeowners often underestimate the strength of a power washer. Depending on the specific machine, the water pressure can be up to 50 times stronger than the water pressure of the typical garden hose. That high pressure can take an inexperienced operator by surprise and make the hose difficult to control, resulting in serious personal injury. While hands and feet are commonly subject to these injuries, a runaway hose could injure any part of the body.

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Potential for Electrical Shock

Many of the power washers geared toward homeowners are electric and come with 20 to 30 feet of electrical cord. This length of cord will have a tendency to kink and crack, leaving exposed wires. Water can end up going everywhere while power washing. If it comes in contact with those exposed wires it could result in electrical shock or even fire. Professional power washing services typically use power washers that are gas-fueled as these deliver higher water pressure.

Chemical Exposure

The cleaning chemicals normally used in power washing need to be handled with care or they could be dangerous. If the chemicals get into a cut or open wound, they can cause serious health problems. They can even end up entering the bloodstream and lead to bacterial infections or other serious health hazards.

Professional Power Washing Services

At Always Immaculate, our professional power washing services will allow you to avoid the hazards of DIY power washing. Always Immaculate offers complete residential and business cleaning services including professional power washing services. Our trained professionals use state of the art equipment and biodegradable solutions with just the right amount of pressure to remove dirt and debris safely while keeping noise to a minimum. Contact us today and schedule our power washing services and refresh your home’s exterior.


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