Four Huge Carpet Cleaning Myths

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01 Sep Four Huge Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet cleaning isn’t rocket science, but it’s commonly misunderstood all the same. Many people have a number of carpeted rooms in their home or business, yet the carpet is improperly maintained, leading to aesthetic and even health issues. Check out these five carpet cleaning myths and learn the truth about cleaning your carpet. 

Carpet cleaning is purely aesthetic 

Returning that clean, bright, “like new” appearance is certainly one big reason to clean your carpet regularly. When a carpet is freshly cleaned, the look and feel of the room can change drastically for the better. But aesthetics are not the only reason—or even the most important reason—to clean your carpet. There are two other important things to consider:

Professional carpet cleaning sanitizes your carpet, protects your investment, and gives the carpet a longer life. 

Carpet acts as a filter for allergens, dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. Material accumulates in the carpet over time, reducing its ability to filter the air. Having the carpet cleaned renews its ability to filter the air. 

Professional cleaning will cause your carpet to shrink or deteriorate

The only scenario in which professional carpet cleaning would cause shrinkage is if your cleaner left the carpet very, very wet—and if this happened, it wouldn’t be a ‘professional’ cleaning at all! Qualified carpet cleaners use powerful tools, such as truck-mounted systems, that give your carpets a deep clean without leaving them wet. That means you should never have to worry about shrinkage, no matter how many times you have your carpets cleaned. 

Cleaning your own carpet can achieve the same results

It’s not necessary to bring in a professional every month, unless you want your carpets looking brand new virtually all the time. Home carpet cleaning machines can be a good way to treat small stains, and maintain the appearance of your carpets in between professional visits. But the bottom line is, home systems don’t have the power or sophistication to really deep clean your carpets. Qualified carpet cleaners will not only use industrial-strength, truck-mounted cleaning technology—they also have the experience and know-how to protect your carpets while cleaning them. 

When it comes to carpet cleaners, cheaper is always better

Many homeowners who live by this philosophy are disappointed with their professional carpet cleaning results. If the rates seem too be to true, the company in question probably doesn’t have 1) the best equipment, 2) experienced and knowledgable staff, or 3) industry certification to back up the quality of their work. When looking for a professional carpet cleaner, two very good things look for are truck-mounted cleaning systems (where only hoses are brought into your home) and certification from the Institute on Inspection Cleaning and Resoration Certification (IICRC). Companies with these two traits are more likely to leave your carpets with that amazing, ‘like-new’ feel. 

What are your thoughts on carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning myths?

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